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About Us

Champion Services Travel was started nearly 30 years ago on the premise that you can see the world through your own eyes and not allow the media, news and or programs paint a portrait for you... nothing beats seeing a variety of cultures and traditions that in most cases are different than yours. Creating wonderful new experiences and meeting new friends that you will never forget. We expect nothing but the best from our travel suppliers so that our clients will experience the best "Customer Service" travel has to offer! While many Internet sites promise special deals, travelers are often unaware of restrictions, exceptions, and fine print. Making the right choices based on price alone is not always the best course of action for travelers. We hear too many stories of travelers regretting that they didn't call us first.

Bernadette Champion recognized the need for experienced agents in the Internet age. While many agents succumb to the pressure of bargain Internet sites, Bernadette recognized the need for caring, considerate, knowledgeable, experienced "Customer Friendly" travel professionals. Because she was once in their shoes, she knew that travelers would appreciate the values of a personalized travel agency. Many travelers learned that they actually saved money by seeking the help of an experienced travel professional. Bernadette wanted to highlight this fact, that's why she calls her agency "Champion Services Travel"!

Our History
In the Washington DC Metro Area and beyond, CHAMPION SERVICES TRAVEL is a household name for people who want the very best.
That's because our customer service is as top notch as the travel services we offer. While many competitors try to be all things to all people, we specialize in being a personal solution for your specific needs. Take a moment to browse our Web site, / Our phone number is:
(301) 686-0970 or TOLL FREE
1+(844) 686-0972. Our e-mail address is Whether you are with us online or over the phone, we are committed to serving you in a prompt and courteous manner.


Our Services and Qualifications
Since 1987, CHAMPION SERVICES TRAVEL has served the Washington DC Metro Area with a real sense of pride in our community. We like where we live and love where we send our customers, which is why we treat our travelers like family. In fact, they tell us over and over that they don’t trust anyone else to take care of their travel needs. Our mission is to provide expert advice to help make your travel experience a pleasurable one, wherever your destination may be. As a CLIA member we guarantee that if we don’t suit your travel needs, we will help you fulfill them elsewhere. This is our commitment to good business in the great community we support.

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